Several parishioners who are particularly committed to doing social justice work within the parish serve on the parish’s Social Justice Committee.  This Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing a coherent social justice program for the parish that includes four elements: 1) direct service, 2) advocacy, 3) financial support, and 4) parishioner education.

Members of the Social Justice Education and Advocacy Subcommittee are:
Sarah Otto (Co-chair)
Robert M. Weaver (Co-chair)
Patrick Chepaitis
Carrie Ann Harman
Suzanne Mutic
Mesrak Nadew
Joel Peddle
Anh Phillips
Darija Pichanick
Michael Polak
Jessica Prince
John Schwenkler
Anne Spring
Communicate regarding education and advocacy at:

Members of the Social Justice Grants Subcommittee are:
Nadia Ali (Co-Chair)
Robert M. Weaver (Co-chair)
Tanya Frazee
Gregory Amoroso
Meg Link
John Oshinski
John Poelker
Communicate regarding grants at:

For more information about STM’s social justice program, click here.