According to its Constitution, the St. Thomas More Parish Council “serve(s) as a consultative and collaborative body to the pastor, sharing in the decision-making process, and assisting the pastor in carrying out his leadership role in the parish.”  If STM parishioners are a community of companions of Jesus on mission with him in this place and at this time in history, the members of the STM Parish Council, along with the pastor, are leaders of this community of companions of Jesus.

More specifically, the Council adopts the same broad perspective of parish mission and identity and life as the pastor so that the Council can can assist the pastor in knowing the parish and assessing its strengths and needs.  The Council assists the pastor in articulating the mission and identity of the parish; communicating that mission and identity to parishioners; encouraging and otherwise enabling parishioners to develop and carry out programs and activities capable of accomplishing the parish mission; and assuring the parish’s fidelity to that mission.

Currently, nine parishioners serve on the Council.  All have been appointed by the pastor.  These members are:

Steve Carney
Chris Harvey
Richard Joseph
Jim Logan
Patti Fields Paulino
Anh Phillips
Steve Siler
Mary Swartz
Maggie Whitcomb