STM is deeply involved in the advocacy for, the resettlement of, and other support for refugees and immigrants.  Persons interested in assisting in this parish ministry should contact Bryn Elise Murphy at: or Jen Dalmy at:

Parishioners who want to learn more about this issue and how they might help should go to the Jesuit Refugee Service (North America) website ( or the Jesuit Refugee Service (International) website (

UPDATE—THE MARTINGOU FAMILYMartangouFamily_newsletter
STM volunteers have been providing ESL tutoring sessions to the family several evenings a week, with occasional nutrition and household management support. Looking to get involved?

Volunteer opportunities—Providing support for healthcare appointments. The family has several healthcare appointments coming up on July 17th and September 8th. Volunteers will need VIRTUS, background check, and driver check, and would need to have a flexible schedule on the day of one or more appointments. If you’re interested, please email Bryn Murphy or Jen Dalmy (, with which days you’re available and how many seats in your car you’ll have available!

Donation requests—Technology for ESL. Both Jean and Kaltouma spend hours every day commuting via carpool. We would love to provide them with an iPad, iPhone, or something similar loaded with ESL apps to use during that time. If you have an item in good condition that you’d be willing to donate, please email or Thank you!