The Social Justice Committee’s Grants Subcommittee consists of St. Thomas More (STM) Catholic Church parishioner volunteers of a variety of ages, and professional and personal backgrounds. During the grants cycle we receive applications from charitable organizations who are required to submit information regarding their request, including the impact and sustainability of the proposed project, by our fall deadline. This year that deadline is October 31, 2019.

Each application is carefully reviewed by every member of the grants subcommittee.  We prioritize organizations that are asking for a one-time, impactful, capital (not administrative or operating) request that is in accordance with our social justice concentration. For the 2019-20 grant cycle, our focus is on organizations with programs or projects serving (1) refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers and (2) homelessness and its causes.

In considering and recommending approval of requests for financial support, the subcommittee gives priority to organizations with ties to the Society of Jesus and/or the STM parish or parishioners, including organizations brought to the subcommittee’s attention by the parish or parishioners. We also seek to fund a variety of grants that meet local, national and international needs.

After reviewing each application, the subcommittee selects the organizations that meet the above criteria to thoroughly review, ensuring they meet STM’s rigorous standards. We may additionally request further clarifying information, or an in-person presentation, to supplement their application. After careful, prayerful consideration and discussion, the members of the subcommittee vote on the organizations to receive grants. Once a consensus is formed and approved, we make our recommendations to Fr. Mark Horak. Once approved, we inform the parish through the bulletin and website, and contact the organizations to inform them of their grant awards and reporting requirements.

For information on past grants we have funded, please see our report.

Read the Social Justice Committee Mission Statement and Operating Guidelines