We invite families to participate in STM’s “Donut Ministry.” The sale of donuts following the 8AM and 9:30AM Masses raises *lots* of money for both middle and high school youth groups! This money is used to pay for mission related activities.

 We raised over $3,000 last year! This money was used to, (1) generate scholarships for youth that enabled them to go to Hidden Lake and/or Catholic Heart Work Camp; (2) paid fees for chaperone(s) to both Hidden Lake and CHWC; (3) paid for gasoline and lots of snacks (fuel is necessary, in both senses); and (4) helped pay for our rad kickoff party at Stars & Strikes this year!

 STM’s Donut Ministry is more important than ever as we reduce the number of fundraising opportunities this year in order to have more youth meetings. Please consider signing up here!