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MORE Theology is a series of St. Thomas More classes on topics that affect us as Catholics, including theology, church history, spirituality, liturgy, and church teaching.

To attend you MUST register. In order to maintain an engaging class dynamic and to allow for group work, registrations are limited.

Each semester MORE Theology offers classes on theology, history, and spirituality. Click here to register (there is no fee for these classes)

Praying the Eucharist
Sep. 10, 17, Oct. 1, 8 – Tuesdays, 7pm
Instructor: Peter Fink, SJ
Paul and Luke name the Eucharist a memorial of Jesus Christ. And then Paul says “we proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes again.” And finally, Paul reminds us that we participate in the Body and Blood of Christ. Memorial, proclaim, participate – what do these words invite us to do. Come explore the ways in which we pray the Eucharist together.Four classes:
  1. Memorial, to remember, what kind of prayer may it be?
  2. How is Jesus present in the breaking of the bread?
  3. Why is the sacrifice of Christ remembered as a meal?
  4. The journey ahead: completing the creative act of God.

Walking Into the World of Jesus
Oct. 8-22, 2019 — Tuesdays, 7pm
Instructor: Ann Temkin
We all know about the Prodigal Son. But are we shocked by the father’s love? Jesus’ audience must have been shocked. What have we lost?
Jesus lived in a particular time and place, and taught those around him in ways they could understand. This series with PowerPoint presentations takes us into his world — the farming economy, the tumultuous and factious political and religious scene, village life with its comical characters. Jesus’ stories then take on the color, tension, humo,r and impact of bold drama. Many New Testament scholars are doing exciting work today opening up the gospels by uncovering the context in which Jesus lived and taught. This work remains, for the most part however, within the walls of academia. The goal of this workshop is to make it accessible to the Church community.