EmptyBowlscolorlogoEmpty Bowls Dinners started as a grassroots effort by students to fight hunger.  Our creative students are making paper pulp, naturally dyed bowls this year. Students will serve as the greeters and servers as you enjoy a simple soup, roll, cookie and water dinner in Mulhern Hall. The proceeds will be split between the Good Shepherd School’s lunch program in Port Au Prince and the ServeHaiti Health Clinic in Grand Bois, Haiti.  Their program has had much success treating malnutrition.

 Thursday, February 21st from 5:30-7:00pm in Mulhern Hall

$3.00/child   $6.00/adult  $22.00 max/family

Every family will get a handmade bowl to take home.

Please join us for dinner with and support our students in their efforts!