fr_rudy_mp_massFr. Rudy celebrated the Eucharist for the cast, crew, and family members Saturday night after the boisterous and clearly satisfied audience had dwindled away.

What a wonderful and appropriate way to wind down this show. For what we do truly is a ministry. We minister to each other through relationships begun or renewed in rehearsals and performances. We minister by asking for and giving more than we sometimes think ourselves capable of both in terms of time and talent so that that we become something greater than the sum of our parts. We share our gifts and talents with the community that gathers to watch the performances and leaves with a spring in their step and a song in their hearts.

We are Christ to and for each other on that stage and surrounded by those sets and props, and how blessed are we to share the reality of Christ among us in that same setting with the greasepaint and makeup still stubbornly sticking to our tired but happy faces.

Thanks to everyone who has made this show a pleasure, a success, and another manifestation of the Body of Christ.

Chris Harvey