Next LCAC Meeting Sunday, March 29, ~1:00 p.m. (after the 12:00 mass) in the Parish Library

STM’s Leadership Crisis Action Committee (LCAC) held its first Organizational Meeting of 2020 on 2/22, adopting a mission statement and operating principles.  Please see the minutes of the meeting and more information below.  An agenda for the March meeting will be published soon, to include identification of additional Work Groups.  All interested parishioners are welcome.  Please sign up HERE so we can make sure to have enough refreshments on hand.

Meeting Minutes
Location: STM St. Julie Room
Date: Saturday, 2/22/20
Attendees: Robert Weaver, Patricia Weaver, David Vienna, Cass Catroppa, Pat Hamilton, Anh Phillips, Mary Priniski, Mary Palma, Patti Paulino, Peggy Saunders, and Jane McNabb
Time: 8:30 a.m.

The meeting opened with a prayer for renewal of the Church, read by Jane McNabb. All then introduced themselves briefly.

Agenda items
I. Mission Statement: The draft mission statement of the LCAC was discussed, revised and finalized as follows:

We are the people of God, the Church at St. Thomas More parish in Decatur, Georgia. As baptized lay persons, we take responsibility for bringing the mission of the Church to fruition, together with our clergy. In response to the sexual-abuse and leadership crisis in the Church, we come together to work in creative collaboration with the clergy in our parish faith community to address the causes and effects of the crisis. We seek to support survivors, address clericalism, and promote the highest standards of accountability and transparency within a strong culture of co-responsibility between the clergy and the laity in our Church. We work as one inclusive community, engaging the diverse gifts of our members to model servant leadership on the parish level.

II. Operating Principles were discussed and agreed upon as follows:
1. All recommendations and actions of the LCAC will be rooted in the Gospel, in keeping with Pope Francis’ vision of the Church and guided by Jesuit values.
2. LCAC will work in service to the STM faith community in collaboration with the Parish Council, the recognized lay representative body for parishioners.
3. All meetings of the LCAC and its Work Groups will be publicized on the parish website and/or the bulletin.
4. An agenda will be prepared for each LCAC meeting.
5. Minutes of each LCAC meeting will be published on the parish website.

III. Organizational Structure & Leadership: All agreed that, while it is still early to finalize structure, we are comfortable moving forward with the following organizational concepts:
1. Work Groups assigned to specific mission-focus areas, each meeting and working independently;
2. Development of a “steering” committee comprised of the heads of Work Groups and “facilitators” (currently Peggy, Patti & Jane), with a bias for diversity;
3. Regularly scheduled meetings of the steering committee (monthly, possibly alternating days/times to reach greater audience) to discuss progress, challenges, recommendations, etc.; and
4. Possibly alternating steering-committee meeting formats between “closed” focused work sessions and meetings open to all parishioners, perhaps with a guest speaker or educational presentation.

IV. Communication with Parish Council: PC Liaisons, Anh, Pat and Cass indicated they would be comfortable with receiving an emailed update from the facilitators in advance of each PC meeting. The PC meets every other month. It was agreed that any significant activity or recommendation of the LCAC would be brought to the PC for collaboration in advance.

V. Communications with the Parish: All agreed that initially, the facilitators would be responsible for Parish communications and that the following channels are recommended to enable good communication between the LCAC and the Parish:
1. Bulletin: An LCAC “Banner” in the bulletin, for regular updates on activities, educational information, etc., perhaps monthly to start
2. Website: An LCAC page/banner on the STM website, with information about the LCAC, scheduled meeting dates & agendas, meeting minutes, updates on Work Groups, and links to educational sites and information (e.g., Catholic Lay Response website–created by STM’s Andy Otto)
3. Email Box: A g-mail account for the LCAC has been set up by Peggy, with access available to multiple users who can monitor. This email address will be published in the bulletin, on the website, and with any article on the LCAC in the parish newsletter. It would enable any interested parishioner to contact us.
4. Email “Push” Notifications: We will maintain an email distribution to send individuals who have “opted in” notifications of meetings, minutes, announcements, etc.

VI. Identification of Work Groups: Before our time was up, we discussed one Work Group: Transparency/Education. David Vienna and Mary Palma indicated they have unfinished business from their prior work on transparency in parish finances, which they would like to continue. It was agreed that this topic would be taken up on the agenda of the next meeting, along with discussion of other possible Work Groups.

VII. Name of Organization: All were asked to consider whether the name, “Leadership Crisis Action Committee” was still the most suitable—a topic for our next meeting.