EDGE is for all Middle School youth (6-8th grade).

Catholic Heart Work Camp Registration – Morgantown, NC 7/1/19- 7/20/19

Pay the CHWC $100 registration fee:

Pay the NET Retreat Fee ($25) –  The NET Retreat is on November 2nd at STM and is open to EDGE and Life Teen

EDGE & Life Teen Calendar
Permission Slip for EDGE and Lifeteen
Donut duty– Required fund raiser for mission or summer camp.
Homilies to think about
Annual Medical Release Form

NET Ministries – Made for Mission from NET Ministries on Vimeo.


Facebook: Edge-Middle School Youth Group

Instagram: edgemiddleschool
Twitter: STM Edge@STMEdge

Contact Michele McHale-Pickard (Mrs. McP) Email: youth@stmga.org Phone: 404-378-4588 ext 119


Before you register for any Youth Camp please read this!
Are you thinking about creating an online giving account for your offertory donation or to pay for an Edge or Lifeteen camp? It is very easy and fast to set up an Independent giver account. After completing the information you will receive a verification via email from Parish Soft telling you that your account has been activated. This usually comes within a day or less. If you do not see the message in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail box. If it does not appear there, please do not create another account. Contact Charlotte Collins ccollins@stmga.org and she will contact Parish Soft and get your account activated. If you are paying for your child to go to camp, etc, and it is for more than one child or for more than one event or you will most likely be making the same types of payments next year, I am asking that you do a full online registration and not use the Quick Give. If you have already opened the Quick Give account(s) and you need to make another payment, it would be very helpful if you took the time to open an independent account, I can then have your Quick Give donations merged into one account.