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MORE Theology is a series of St. Thomas More classes on topics that affect us as Catholics, including theology, church history, spirituality, liturgy, and church teaching.

To attend you MUST register. In order to maintain an engaging class dynamic and to allow for group work, registrations are limited.

Each semester MORE Theology offers classes on theology, history, and spirituality. Click here to register (there is no fee)

Pray Without Ceasing: An Introduction to Christian Contemplation and Mystical Spirituality
January 30 – March 5 – Thursdays, 7pm
Facilitator: Carl McColman

Could your new year’s resolution be, “This year I want to grow spiritually?” If so, this course could you get the year off to a great start!

Mysticism. Contemplation. Union with God. These are big concepts and it’s tempting to think that they are just for saints or other advanced souls. But our Catholic faith proclaims that prayer — and the joy of an intimate friendship with God — is for everyone. The great mystics and saints of our faith have given us many spiritual practices and wisdom to help us all grow closer to God through prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

This six week course will introduce you to some of the great Catholic mystics, their teachings, and their instructions for how even the most ordinary person can grow in the life of prayer and spirituality. No prior knowledge of mysticism is required, and you do not need to be a monk or a nun — or even particularly “holy” — to attend. All that is required is a willingness to learn and to pray.

Registration now open