Our Parish Religious Education program provides classes for students four years old through 5th grade for Catholic children not enrolled in parochial schools. Volunteers are needed to teach and are given all teaching materials required.

Classes have been pushed back to start on Jan. 13th instead of Jan. 6th, 2019.

Register your child(ren) for the 2018-19 MORE Religious Education year. Religious Education classes will end on Sunday, May 19th, 2019. All classes start at 10:40 am and end at 11:35 am, every Sunday in session.

One Child $75

Each additional Child $50

RE Calendar 2018-2019

Fees for the 2018-2019 year are as follows:

$75 for first child.

$50 for each additional child.

For more information, please contact Rey DelValle at: rdelvalle@stmga.org.

Click on the link below to register your child(ren):

If your child is in 2nd grade and preparing for First Eucharist, a copy of the baptismal certificate is needed at the time of registration.

Children’s Books that speak to themes of Reconciliation

Atwood, Margaret, Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut

Bemelmans, Ludwig, Madeline and the Bad Hat

Chen, Chihuahua-Yuan, Guji, Guji

DeJong, Meindert, The Wheel on the School

Geisel, Theodor, The Sneetches and Other Stories

Hoban, Russell, A Birthday for Frances

Joslin, Sesyle, What Do You Say Dear?

Miner, Julia, The Shepherd’s Song–The 23rd Psalm

Sendak, Maurice, Outside Over There

Scarry, Richard, Pig Will and Pig Won’t

Preparing for Advent Book list for Second Grade Parents

1. Demi, The Legend of Saint Nicholas, Margaret K. McElderry, New York, 2003.

2. Berger, Barbara Helen, The Donkey’s Dream, Philomel Books, New York, 1985.

3. Brett, Jan, Home for Christmas, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 2011.

4. Brett, Jan, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Dodd, Mead&Co., New York, 1986.

5. Geisel, Theodore Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Random House, New York, 1957.

6. Gilman, Phoebe, Something from Nothing, Scholastic Inc, New York, 1992

7. Rubel, David, The Carpenter’s Gift, Random House, New York, 2011.

8. Wahl, Thomas, How Jesus Came, Peublo Publishing Co., New York, 1981

9. Swerved, Lisbeth, The Gift of the Magi, Neugebauer Press, USA, 1982

10. CD. God Comes Tomorrow… The Cathedral Singers, Wild Goose Resource Group, Iona Community, GIA Publications, Chicago, IL, 2001.