St. Thomas More Religious Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Religious Education for?
Religious Education is for children (PK-5th grade) who are not enrolled in Catholic school.

How much does Religious Education cost?
Religious Education costs $75 for the first child, $50 for each additional child.

How do I register for Religious Education?
You can register for Religious Education through the parish website ( Hover over the “Faith Formation” tab; when you see the drop down menu, click on “Parish Religious Education.” Click on the blue hyperlink under the “Religious Education” blurb. It will take you to a Cognito Form; fill out the form, and pay through the embedded PayPal link.

Can I register my child if I’m not an STM parishioner?

Can I register my child if I’m not Catholic?

When does Religious Education meet?
Religious Education meets most Sundays after the 9:30 AM Mass (around 10:40 AM). Look for a calendar to be generated and distributed in the coming weeks. The dates will also be posted on the parish calendar accessible through the parish website.

 When does Religious Education begin?
Religious Education typically begins after Labor Day. The first RE session of this academic year will be Sunday, September 8, after the 9:30 AM Mass.

What if my child, or children, miss a Religious Education class?
We ask that your child, or children, miss no more than three sessions per academic year.

What are Religious Education classes like?
Religious Education classes tend to model the traditional classroom, but the emphasis is on imagination and encounter with Jesus.

 Is there homework assigned?
While this is catechist dependent, any outside work assigned will either be minimal or an activity that involves the whole family.

What’s my responsibility as a parent?
We hope that you see yourself as your child’s primary catechist. Your relationship is absolutely fundamental to a flourishing faith that will see them through to confirmation and beyond.

When will my child receive first Eucharist?
First Eucharist is celebrated in 2nd grade in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The Archdiocese requires two years of faith formation prior to receiving the sacrament. For children not enrolled in Catholic school, this requirement is met by attending Religious Education. For more information, please see “Sacramental Preparation” on the parish website.

Are there other Religious Education options besides the traditional program?
Yes! There is, As One Family, a family catechesis program for children age five and up, and their parents. There is also Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for children age three to six. Please visit the parish website for more information.