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rcia_enews2St. Thomas More RCIA Inquiry Form | RCIA Confidential Spiritual/Religious Background Questionnaire

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which non-Catholic adults can become members of the Catholic Church, as well as providing a program for learning about the Catholic faith and exploring Catholic spirituality.

It is open to anyone who has never been baptized and who now desires to be baptized Catholic, and to persons who have already been baptized in another Christian tradition and who now wish to become a full member of the Catholic community. Adult Catholics who have never received the sacrament of confirmation can also participate, to prepare to receive that sacrament.

The RCIA program involves weekly meetings beginning in the early Fall and continuing through the following Spring. The program includes instruction in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, practices to help you deepen your relationship with God, and other activities to help you become part of the St. Thomas More parish family.

Participating in RCIA does not obligate you to become a Catholic. If you are not sure you want to become Catholic, we offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can discern how God is leading you.

There is no charge for RCIA and you can join the RCIA process at any time. Since faith and spirituality are such a personal process, there is no set time-line for completing RCIA: the length of time varies from person to person.

Do you think RCIA might be for you? Do you have questions about RCIA, or want to know more about the process? Please contact Carl McColman or Fran McColman by email at You can also call the parish office at 404-378-4588 and ask to have an RCIA representative call you.