St. Vincent dePaul Announcements

During the month of December, in addition to gifts for the Giving Tree, your envelope donations helped many local families.  SVdP was able to assist  a 70 year-old woman who was the victim of harassment by the apartment building’s maintenance worker.  When she complained, the management retaliated by refusing to renew her lease, leaving her homeless.  She was forced to place her furniture and belongings in storage and live in Women’s Shelters for over 2 months until she was able to find Section 8 housing in October. Because she could not afford to pay to have her belongings moved to her new home, she had been living with no furniture or winter clothing; sleeping on the floor of her apartment with only a blanket and pillow.  Your donations to the STM chapter of SVdP paid for the movers to deliver her furniture to her new home one week before Christmas! She was a VERY happy lady. God Bless You.

These are the final two weeks for the SVdP December food drive; our next SVdP food drive will be in March.

Remember to use your SVdP envelope on January 12, 2020.