Tai Chi Based Wellness Activity at STM

Tai Chi Based Wellness Activity at STM (Beginning September 12, 2020)
The STM parish is offering a 4-session pilot of a Tai Chi Based Wellness activity that will be assessed for continuation and modification as desired.

What is Tai Chi?
A low impact activity that integrates exercise, stretching, and relaxing.

What are the benefits?
The regular practice of Tai Chi can improve balance, flexibility, muscles, bones, posture, circulation, anxiety, stress, self-awareness, and more.
Who is the instructor? John Beltrami is an STM parishioner and preventive medicine physician who first learned Tai Chi 30 years ago from a student of Mr. Moy Lin Shin, the founder of a modified yang style of Tai Chi, and currently learns online from another former student of Mr. Moy.

What do sessions consist of?
45 minutes of Tai Chi warm up exercises; time for review, questions, and discussion; and Tai Chi moves as part of a set of moves that flow from one to the next.

Who may participate?
Persons of any age and physical ability
Persons with a desire to help themselves and others
Persons who are able to wear a mask
Persons who can maintain a distance of 6 feet from others 

What should participants wear?
Any clothes and footwear that are comfortable.
A face mask that covers the mouth and nose is required. 

When and where?
Saturday mornings at 7:45 on the STM field. During inhospitable weather, classes will be postponed. 

How do I sign up?
Sign up is not necessary, but letting the instructor know of anticipated attendance at least one hour before class is appreciated at beltramijohnf@gmail.com or 404-593-7477. Questions? Contact Brian McMichael, STM Athletic Director

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