This year, Saint Thomas More Catholic school celebrates our 70th anniversary…70 years of faith, learning, loving, and laughter!

In 1950, STM Parish established our beloved school, and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to staff it. Over these 70 years, STM School continues to be an integral part of the parish’s mission. When in 2016 the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) began sponsoring our parish, we became the only elementary Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition in Atlanta. Through the lens of their Ignatian spirituality, they continue to inspire us to “find God in all things.” With our Catholic faith as a roadmap, students learn to build and understand the relationships between themselves, others, and God. As our students’ awareness of God develops, they learn to become instruments of God’s grace in their own family, community and in the world. They learn to put their faith into action when they recognize those in need. Our Catholic faith guides and sustains our school in all we do!

Compared to 1950, our classrooms look and feel different (Hello Clear Touch Interactive panels; Goodbye chalkboards!), yet we continue to provide an academically challenging, innovative, and engaging education as recognized by our National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award.

In collaborative teams, our staff uses best practices to engage students, meeting them where they are. We put the students first and use data-driven decisions to plan for their success. Our amazing community of involved parents also is a collaborative partner as we help children foster a life filled with learning and growth. When students graduate from Saint Thomas More Catholic School, they are extremely well prepared for high school and leave our campus inspired to be people for others, spreading God’s love in the world.

From our school’s dedication in 1950 to today, our caring and supportive community is the key to STM’s 70 years of success. Whether you are faculty, alumni, a parent or a student, you are part of our STM family, and the love is real.

Our STM family works together not only to support our students and each other, but also to spread the love to our local communities and around the world by doing more for others and by encouraging social justice and positive social change. We celebrate diversity, embracing people of all cultures and faith traditions with kindness and respect. Our learning environment is a place where students feel accepted, safe, and secure.

Students, parents, and faculty alike form friendships that last a lifetime. Some of our students’ parents and grandparents attended STM, and we cherish our extended family!

70 years young and full of life! The most common feedback we receive from families during school tours is, “The students and teachers seem so happy,” and they’re right! Our community thrives in living out our school mission to be “a joyful learning community reaching out to the world as the hands of Christ,” and our joy is abundant. Looking forward to the next 70 years!

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