Consistent with the most recent CDC guidelines and Archdiocesan directives, effective June 1:
* reservations will no longer be required for Masses at STM;
* fully vaccinated parishioners need not wear a face mask at any parish event, including both indoor and outdoor Masses;
they are not required to maintain social distancing;
* parishioners who are not fully vaccinated, including children, should wear face masks at indoor parish events, including indoor Masses, and should maintain social distancing; there will be a section in the church reserved for persons who wish to maintain social distancing;
* all participants at Mass should continue to follow the directions of the parish guides
* we will begin taking up an Offertory collection using baskets with long handles;
* more information on current CDC guidelines, go to the CDC website

Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer has lifted the dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation. Of course, persons who are sick or in poor health, who are caring for others who are at risk of infection, or who have some other good reason to stay away are always excused from Sunday Mass.

Also, consistent with new Archdiocesan directives and revised CDC guidelines, parishioners who are fully vaccinated are no longer obliged to wear facemasks at the STM Sunday outdoor Mass and the weekday indoor Masses. However, persons who attend the indoor vigil and Sunday Masses, whether vaccinated or not, are still asked to wear facemasks.

We also ask parishioners at all Masses, both indoors and outdoors, to continue to provide a safe space between your household and others.

Read the Archbishop’s letter which includes those persons for whom the dispensation will continue.