Catechists Needed
As of June 17, we require 14 volunteer catechists to make SPARK happen in late August.

We have a current enrollment of 112 children, with an expectation of 175-200. We require four catechists for Pre-K, three catechists for kindergarten, two catechists each for 1st and 4th grades, and three catechists for 5th grade.

We have worked to substantially lessen the burden on catechists:

  • Lesson plans are provided for catechists (see attached example). 
  • Catechists are supported by parent volunteers. 
  • In-person gatherings are limited to two per month, sometimes with only one gathering per month (see attached calendar). 
  • Catechist children participate in children’s programming for free (CGS, SPARK, IGNITE). 
  • And we have shifted away from traditional pedagogy, i.e., school, and towards a true faith formation model, which rests on accompaniment and connection with children in meaningful ways.  

This is the good news! The not-so-good news is we are reaching a crisis point. If folks don’t step forward, we’ll have to close registration.  

Please consider reaching out to Stewart today. Send him an email.  He is happy to answer any questions you might have. If you prefer to speak by phone, give him a call (404 309 4809).