Pastor and parishioners share responsibility for parish leadership.

Parish Council

The St. Thomas More Parish Council is the formal consultative and collaborative body to the pastor.  The Council adopts the same broad perspective of parish mission and identity and life as the pastor.  Together, pastor and Council assess the parish’s strengths and needs, articulate the mission and identity of the parish, communicate that mission and identity to parishioners, encourage and otherwise enable parishioners to develop and carry out programs and activities to accomplish the parish mission; and assure the parish’s fidelity to that mission.

Parish Council members are:

  • Paul Blackstone – Paul Blackstone has attended STM since 1988, first as a non-Catholic, and since 2002, as a Catholic.  Paul is active in a number of social justice works, including the STM AIDS Ministry, which he co-founded with several other STM parishioners.  He is especially committed to Jerusalem House and the work of the Sisters of Charity in Atlanta.
  • Cassandra (Cass) Catroppa – Cass Catroppa retired in 2010 from Atlanta Archdiocese after a 26 year career, prior to that she was a small business owner. She has been an STM parishioner since 1999 and is involved in the Welcome Ministry, Martha’s Ministry, LCAC and The S Factor.  She has two adult daughters, Andrea and Alex; a grandson Brennan and a son-in-law, David.
  • Juliette Johnson – Juliette Johnson has been a member of STM since 1979 and has been a Eucharistic Minister since 2007. She is widowed, has 3 children, 5 grandchildren and is a retired registered nurse with an active license.
  • Chris Marquardt – Chris Marquardt is a partner at Alston & Bird LLP, a national law firm headquartered in Atlanta, and leads the firm’s Labor & Employment practice group. Chris and his wife Marie have four children – Mary Elizabeth, Nate, Pixley, and Annie – and have been STM members for several years.
  • Mesrak Nadew – Mesrak Nadew has been a member of the STM community for seven years serving as a Lector, a Eucharist Minister and a member of the Social Justice Committee. She works as an Independent Public Health Consultant and lives with her husband and children.
  • Steve Siler – Originally a parishioner at STM from 1995-1998, Steve Siler returned to the parish in 2016.  He has taught religious education, served as a lector and Eucharistic minister, and worked on the Parish Council.  Steve is the president of the Mercy Care Foundation, the fundraising arm of Mercy Care, which provides healthcare to homeless or uninsured Atlantans.  Steve and his wife Julie live in Decatur with their 3 kids, Katie, Caroline and Sam.
  • Elizabeth Small – Elizabeth has been a parishioner at STM for over 3 years and is honored to serve on the STM parish council. She has a medical background as a Physician Assistant but presently is a homemaker. Elizabeth and her husband Alex live in the Druid Hills Neighborhood with their 3 children Sarah, Jackson, and Callie.

Finance Council

The St. Thomas More Finance Council advises the pastor on matters relating to the financial affairs of the parish. In its work, the Finance Council is guided not only by Gospel values, but also by good business principles and practices. The Council has access to such financial information and records as it may need to accomplish its purposes, with the understanding that this information is given and received with due regard to confidentiality and prudence.

The Council’s specific responsibilities include assisting with the preparation of the parish’s annual budget; monitoring expenditures and revenues in the course of the year; safeguarding the financial assets of the parish; seeing to the proper deposit of church funds in revenue-bearing accounts; making periodic reports on the financial state of the parish to the Parish Council and parishioners in general; and providing for the financing of necessary repairs and replacement of parish facilities and equipment.

Finance Council members are:

  • Liz Bucko
  • Beth Dorrian
  • W. Crawford Elliott
  • Josh Harnevious
  • James Hill
  • Jane McNabb
  • Bill Schnitzer
  • Matt Seals

Social Justice Committee

Several parishioners who are particularly committed to doing social justice work within the parish serve on the parish’s Social Justice Committee.  This Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing a coherent social justice program for the parish.

Co-Chairs of the Social Justice Committee are:

  • Sarah Otto
  • Jennifer Cawley Alvillar
  • John Oshinski

Education and Faith Formation Committee

The STM Education and Faith Formation committee advises parish staff regarding education and faith formation programs for youth and adults.

STM Athletics Board

The STM Athletics Board is composed of several parishioners with an interest in sports and other fitness activities. The Board is charged with developing, promoting, and overseeing a comprehensive program of athletic and fitness programs that will include all parishioners, will draw parishioners together, and will deepen the ties that bind parishioners together.

Members of the STM Athletics Board are:

  • Mary Wagner (chair)
  • Paul Roeser
  • Theo Anderson
  • Kristy Heller
  • Quinn Postero
  • Jimmy Muller
  • Luke Brewster