Pastor and parishioners share responsibility for parish leadership.

Parish Council

The St. Thomas More Parish Council is the formal consultative and collaborative body to the pastor.  The Council adopts the same broad perspective of parish mission and identity and life as the pastor.  Together, pastor and Council assess the parish’s strengths and needs, articulate the mission and identity of the parish, communicate that mission and identity to parishioners, encourage and otherwise enable parishioners to develop and carry out programs and activities to accomplish the parish mission; and assure the parish’s fidelity to that mission.

Parish Council members are:

  • Paul Blackstone
  • Erin Brewster
  • Mary Ellen Davis
  • Larry Diehl
  • Lindsey Farrell
  • Tanya Frazee
  • Johnathon Kelso
  • Kunle Oguneye
  • Drew Reynolds
  • Elizabeth Small
  • Leigh Holbrook serves an ex officio role.

Finance Council

The St. Thomas More Finance Council advises the pastor on matters relating to the financial affairs of the parish. In its work, the Finance Council is guided not only by Gospel values, but also by good business principles and practices. The Council has access to such financial information and records as it may need to accomplish its purposes, with the understanding that this information is given and received with due regard to confidentiality and prudence.

The Council’s specific responsibilities include assisting with the preparation of the parish’s annual budget; monitoring expenditures and revenues in the course of the year; safeguarding the financial assets of the parish; seeing to the proper deposit of church funds in revenue-bearing accounts; making periodic reports on the financial state of the parish to the Parish Council and parishioners in general; and providing for the financing of necessary repairs and replacement of parish facilities and equipment.

Finance Council members are:

  • Beth Dorrian (chair)
  • Liz Bucko
  • Laura Dollar
  • Matt Emerich
  • Kevin Killeen
  • Melanie Leeth
  • Jane McNabb
  • Matt Seals (treasurer)
  • Andrew Seng
  • Beth Taylor

Other committees assisting in the leadership of the parish include Faith in Action (Jennifer Cawley Avilar, chair) and the STM Athletics Board (Mary Wagner, chair).