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Our faith formation programs for adults and children seek to care for the whole person in the Jesuit principle of cura personalis

We offer programming for children ages 3 and up, beginning with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori-based program that places an encounter with Jesus at the center. Through story and the use of materials, children connect the liturgy to the story of God and their own place within it. SPARK, for grades PK-5th, is a cooperative program that invites children and adults to explore their faith in small group conversation about the Bible story and Gospel message. Special attention is given to sacramental themes, especially for those preparing to make their first reconciliation and communion. Scripture, prayer practices, imaginative play, and multimodal activities are extended to meet children where they are. Our primary concern is to invite children into an awareness of God’s activity in our lives and introduce them to all the ways they might walk with Jesus. IGNITE, for grades 6th-12th, operates much in the same way, but with more focus on Christian practice and social justice issues.

Adult faith formation programming acknowledges that our faith is a life-long journey as we grow deeper into a friendship with God. We offer a variety of spiritual and educational offerings throughout the year including book studies, prayer series, scripture studies, classes, and speakers on practical and spiritual topics.

Our guiding principles include:

Be oriented to living the Gospel (evangelisation, catechesis, worship, social justice, magis)
Teach people how to pray (Relationship with Jesus)
Build community (church, family, society, etc.)
Be practical to our life issues (cura personalis)
Ignatian (Sharing the Spiritual Exercises)