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Since Cardinal Joseph Bernardin introduced the concept in the 1980s, Catholics in the United States have been discerning optimal ways to promote a consistent ethic of life. Most recently, Pope Francis has highlighted care for the natural environment — an urgent concern that complements the existing priorities regarding the protection of human dignity at every stage of life. Fr. Thomas Massaro, SJ, professor of moral theology at Fordham University, joins us as we together explore the full range of public issues that appeal to the consciences of Catholics today. Saturday, October 3 at 7:30pm.

Thursday Gospel Contemplation
Thursdays, 12:00 PM (Live on Facebook)
Each week we invite you to pray with the upcoming Sunday gospel reading. Every Thursday at 12pm, Andy Otto will lead you through a live guided prayer using the Ignatian tradition of contemplation, engaging your imagination. You can access past recordings in the videos section of our Facebook page. You can also access past recordings in the videos section of our Facebook page.

Peeling Back the Layers
This series examines the structural racial injustice that underlies issues like education, healthcare, criminal justice, and finance, to name a few.

We Gon’ Be Alright, But That Ain’t Alright: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom
Sunday, Sept. 27, 7:30pm
Dr. Bettina Love will discuss the struggles and the possibilities of committing ourselves to an abolitionist goal of educational freedom, as opposed to reform, and moving beyond what she calls the educational survival complex. Abolitionist Teaching is built on the creativity, imagination, boldness, ingenuity, and rebellious spirit and methods of abolitionists to demand and fight for an educational system where all students are thriving, not simply surviving. Limited Space!

What is God’s Will – A Workshop on Ignatian Discernment
Tuesdays, October 13, 20, 27 – 7:30pm
The most difficult decisions are not choosing between good and evil, but discerning between good choices! This workshop will lay out all the tools of Ignatian discernment and invite participants to bring their own decision-making “case studies” for the group to grapple with. We will study Ignatius’ foundation for all life decisions, examine his famous Rules for the Discernment of Spirits, and explore various methods of bringing our decisions to prayer. Participants will be equipped with tools to discern future decisions more
confidently. $10 fee.

Centering Prayer Weekly “Zoom” Meetings
Centering Prayer meets each week via Zoom. Email to sign up.

STM Sharing Groups
These new sharing groups allow space for safe conversation and sharing on the topic of racial justice. A book will be used to center the group’s reflection.

An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement
Mondays, Oct. 5, 12, and 19 at 7:30pm
The Jesuits of the USA invite us to reflect on how our faith and Ignatian values might guide our pursuit of the common good in the public square. Join our newest sharing group for a 3-week exploration of our political hearts as we are guided by a text produced by the Jesuits. We will be sharing excerpts of this text with the larger community as we approach the election.

MORE Theology
MORE Theology is a series of St. Thomas More classes on topics that affect us as Catholics, including theology, church history, spirituality, liturgy, and church teaching. To attend you MUST register. In order to maintain an engaging class dynamic and to allow for group work, registrations are limited.

STM Coffeehouse
Join us some Sundays after the 9:30am Mass in Mulhern Hall for a chat with a local expert on various themes and topics while enjoying a cup of joe.

STM Coffeehouse meets during the school year.

Scripture Study with Louanne
Tuesdays, 1pm
Pray with and explore the Sunday scripture reading from a historical and theological perspective. Contact Louanne at to join.

Scripture Study with Jerry Pendrick
Sundays, 10:15am
Discuss the weekly Sunday readings. The weekly scripture study group starts
virtually on August 16.