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The 2021-2023 Synod on Synodality: Key Documents

  • Preparatory Document
    Outlines the meaning of synodality, theological resources for understanding and practicing synodality in Scripture and Tradition, and central themes to explore in “journeying together” through the synodal process.
  • Vademecum/Handbook
    Guide to support the process of consultation, including methodological suggestions and examples from recent synodal processes, a glossary of terms, and liturgical, biblical, and prayer resources.
  • Synod Websites
  • Archdiocese of Atlanta

Presentations/Podcast Resources:

  • La Civiltà Cattolica English Synodality Series
    You can find this free podcast on Google, Apple, Spotify, etc. The Synodality Series offers short, 20-minute conversations with theological and practical information about synodality.
  • The Tablet Webinar with Sr. Nathalie Becquart
    Natalie, who serves as the undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops, offers a brief, 14- minute explanation of synodality in light of the vision of Pope Francis.
  • From Episcopal Collegiality to Ecclesial Synodality,” Dr. Massimo Faggioli:
    Faggioli, a leading Church historian, offers a more in-depth 30-minute presentation on the historical development from Vatican II to our current moment of synodality. The presentation is followed by a longer Q&A.
  • Walking Together: Pope Francis’ Vision for a Synodal Church,” Dr. Amanda Osheim: Dr. Osheim, a professor of practical theology, offers an hour-long, accessible introduction to synodality and Pope Francis’ desire to hear the Spirit at work among the People of God. The presentation is followed by a longer Q&A.

Articles: Brief explorations of key aspects of synodality

  • Cardinal Mario Grech, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, explains the importance of the first diocesan phase Read the article
  • Pope Francis’ Vision of Synodality Explains Pope Francis’ vision for the synod and the importance of listening to the Spirit.
    Explains Pope Francis’ vision for the synod and the importance of listening to the Spirit. Read the article
  •  A Closer Look at Synodality
    Dr. Hosffman Ospino interviews Dr. Rafael Luciani, one of the world’s leading experts on synodality. Read the article
  • Synodality: The Long Game
    Cardinal Joseph Tobin explores synodality as the mode for the Church’s conversion to truly walking with the People of God. Read the article

Key Theological Background: A deeper exploration of the theology of synodality.

  • Address of Pope Francis commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Synod of Bishops (2015) 
    • In this five-page address, Pope Francis briefly explains the integral relationship between synodality and the sensus fidei, or the sense of the faith. He calls for a Church that listens and envisions the structure of the Church as an “inverted pyramid,” in which clerics serve and support the people of God. Read the article
    • International Theological Commission, “Synodality in the Life and Mission of the Church,” (2018)
      This twenty-five-page document provides a deeper theological engagement with synodality and its significance for the mission of the Church. The four chapters cover: 1) Synodality in Scripture, Tradition, and Church history; 2) The theology of synodality in light of Vatican II; 3) The structure of synodality at all levels in the Church; 4) The spiritual and pastoral conversion to listening and discernment necessary for synodality to characterize the Church. Read the article